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When I started my handcrafted jewellery business I wasn’t sure if people would like my designs. I can remember creating the Apple collection thinking no one is going to buy this because it’s got a terracotta base. In hindsight, that’s daft because I have sold a lot of those pieces. Here’s a link to the Apple Semi Circle Dangle earrings. I continue to create beautiful jewellery, using quality findings so that it’s suitable for sensitive skin. 


Left: The Sea at Night stud by Pink Lime Mango Right: A painting by Sacha Irwin

I mean how brilliant is this? A customer loved my landscape earrings so much, she created a beautiful painting influenced by them. I was like wow! I’ve inspired beautiful artwork. I think that’s incredible.

I was ill when I started my business in 2020. I procrastinated about setting up my website. I was terrified about doing a launch on zoom for opening my website. My friends and family joined me online for the launch. That was brilliant. I did a slideshow presentation of Pink Lime Mango. We all chatted and I had a big glass of gin and tonic! Then we said cheers as the website went live on 21st August 2020 at 8pm! 🎉🥂

I had regular product launches, even weekly at one point. I worked hard. I learnt how to set up a website. I learnt how to take photos and I learnt how to edit them. I did all of that while I was recovering from illness. I can remember my friend suggesting that I sell my jewellery at Grow Wilder Artisan Market and me thinking that this is not the right place for me. It turned out to be perfect because it was small enough and friendly enough for me to feel safe. It gave me that confidence that I really needed at that time.

I remember how scared I was at my first market. I remember how grateful I was that my son, Luke, came with me to help set up my stall. I was physically shaking at one point. I remember not even knowing how much stock to take so I think I took all of my earrings. I remember that Andy (my ex-husband) said take a picture of me selling him a necklace.


That was really cheesy but looking back that helped with my marketing. Because I still use that picture (it’s above). I’m handing him my first face-to-face sale in a cute little package. It is wonderful because Luke came with me on his day off from work, having him there gave me that moral support where I didn’t feel so worried.

There was a certain energy at that first market because I was so scared. I think it’s kind of a reverse of excitement, so I think I have a potential to change what I perceive as anxiety into something that will really help me.

My very first market in Bristol, UK on 2 October 2021! This photo shows Vicky from Pink Lime Mango standing behind her market stall of colourful handcrafted responsibly made jewellery.

My first artisan market of 2023 is at Grow Wilder in Bristol, where I set up my very first market stall. It’s on Saturday 6th May 2023 from 10am - 4pm. The address is Grow Wilder, 181 Frenchay Park Rd, Bristol BS16 1EL.

Come and browse some wonderful handcrafted jewellery and other eco conscious gifts at this beautiful Avon Wildlife Trust Site! There’s also an outdoor cafe to enjoy the peaceful, natural surroundings. The artisan market is undercover and there’s parking nearby.

I’m launching my NEW mystery boxes at Grow Wilder Artisan Market. It would be lovely to see you there!

 Keep an eye out on the pop up events section on my homepage for my next market dates.

Vicky 💖💚🧡

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