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  • How a Colourful Sculpture Inspired My Earring Design

    Get ready to be inspired by the world of art! Have you ever seen a masterpiece that sparked your creativity? I sure have! During my time studying Art and Visual Culture at UWE, I stumbled upon an incredible sculpture by Beat Zoderer that completely captivated me. This blog post is all about how I turned that inspiration into a stunning earring design and how you can find inspiration in art too!
  • Handcrafted Jewellery with Passion and Purpose | Pink Lime Mango

    Welcome to my handmade jewellery blog! I am thrilled to share my passion for creating beautiful, unique pieces of jewellery with you. At my core, I am dedicated to making people feel happy and confident with my handmade earrings.

  • My Sister’s Book

    I am proud of my sister and I wasn’t feeling well enough to write and edit a blog to publish at 7 am this morning. Then I realised that I wanted to write a blog about how amazing my sister is. I am starting to read her book and I don’t wanna give any spoilers already from just reading the last few chapters and seeing photos, there is a photo of Leena in Montmartre in Paris, and that was when I went on holiday with her in January 2023 and it just struck home…
  • My story written on 29th January 2022 (part two)

    Read my second part blog post about my business story, from my journal in January 2022. Learn how I successfully launched a handcrafted jewellery business made in Bristol, the lessons I learned from my parents and their experiences of racism, and the values that drive me to run this business.
  • My story written on 29th January 2022 (part one)

    Discover the story behind Pink Lime Mango, a handcrafted jewellery business born out of the pandemic. Founded by British artist, Vicky. Inspired by nature, architecture and creativity, I work through difficulties and turn my passion into a thriving business. With my sister's encouragement, I overcame the obstacles and learnt new skills, including building a website, and managing social media. Despite facing fatigue caused by a rare blood cancer, I remain dedicated and passionate, balancing work and rest, and taking time for creativity and personal development. Follow the blog to explore more about my journey and enjoy the colourful and unique pieces of jewellery I create.
  • Where am I Now? Reflecting on Two Years of Running My Handcrafted Jewellery Business | Pink Lime Mango

    I celebrate two years of running my handcrafted jewellery business and reflect on how far I have come. I look at the creative, financial, and marketing skills that have been gained along the way.
  • From Handcrafted Artisan Market Beginner to Entrepreneur Journey | Pink Lime Mango

    When I started my handcrafted jewellery business I wasn’t sure if people would like my designs. I can remember creating the Apple collection think...
  • Get Ready to Be Kaleidoscopically Gorgeous!

    Not only does the Kaleidoscope Collection look amazing, but it also promotes sustainable fashion. By using surplus clay, Pink Lime Mango has been able to create something that not only looks great but also helps reduce waste in the fashion industry. On top of that, all of the pieces in this collection feature 925 sterling silver stud posts and backs which makes them suitable for those with sensitive skin — so everyone can enjoy wearing these eye-catching earrings!
  • Making a Statement With Bold Jewellery Pieces From Pink Lime Mango

    Are you looking for the perfect accessory to make your outfit stand out and express your individual style? Look no further than Pink Lime Mango! Wi...
  • How to Create Fun and Functional Handcrafted Jewellery

    With these tips from Pink Lime Mango in mind, creating fun and functional handcrafted jewellery is easy! Keeping your target audience in mind helps guide design decisions while considering comfort and durability ensures that customers receive products they can rely on day after day. Finally drawing inspirations from nature adds interesting touches without going overboard on embellishments or decorations. With these tips in mind, any entrepreneur should feel confident starting a new jewellery business today!
  • Making the Bo Kaap Collection - A Creative Journey

    As a jeweller, I know how thrilling it is to take an idea from concept to reality. This is especially true when you are creating something unique ...
  • 6 Creative Businesses That Help Me Grow My Handcrafted Jewellery Business

    As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to grow my handcrafted jewellery business. Thankfully, I have found six creative businesses that have supported me on my journey. From workshops to resources, they have all been invaluable in helping me work smarter and reach my goals faster. Let’s check them out!