Get Ready to Be Kaleidoscopically Gorgeous!

If you are an earring lover, then you have got to check out the Kaleidoscope Collection by Pink Lime Mango. This collection celebrates the designer's love of vibrant colour and mixes blends of neon, black and white polymer clay. Each pair is handcrafted with care, making each piece unique and special. All of the earrings in this collection will make you look stunningly gorgeous!

The Craftsmanship Behind These Earrings
Each pair of Kaleidoscope Collection earrings is made with a high level of craftsmanship. The clay is carefully blended together using surplus material to ensure no material is wasted. After that, it is encapsulated with resin which gives it a luxuriously glossy finish. It’s easy to see how much care has gone into creating these beautiful pieces!

Sustainable Fashion at Its Finest
Not only does the Kaleidoscope Collection look amazing, but it also promotes sustainable fashion. By using surplus clay, Pink Lime Mango has been able to create something that not only looks great but also helps reduce waste in the fashion industry. On top of that, all of the pieces in this collection feature 925 sterling silver stud posts and backs which makes them suitable for those with sensitive skin — so everyone can enjoy wearing these eye-catching earrings!

A Variety Of Choices
The best part about this collection is that there are options for everyone — whatever your style may be. From neon blue mini studs to simple black heart studs, there’s something for every type of person who loves statement earrings. There are even some subtle pieces that can be worn everyday without being too flashy or over-the-top — perfect for when you want a minimalistic look!


The Kaleidoscope Collection by Pink Lime Mango offers something for everyone who loves statement earrings. With its mix blend of neon colours, black and white polymer clay designs and 925 sterling silver posts and backs, these earrings are sure to turn any outfit into a showstopper! Plus, they promote sustainable fashion as no material goes to waste during production — so you can look great while feeling good about your purchase too! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself some kaleidoscopic goodness today!

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