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Welcome to my handmade jewellery blog! I am thrilled to share my passion for creating beautiful, unique pieces of jewellery with you. At my core, I am dedicated to making people feel happy and confident with my handmade earrings.


My love for earrings is what first inspired me to start making jewellery. I believe that earrings have the power to completely transform an outfit and elevate your overall look. That’s why I take great care in creating each and every one of my handmade earrings with the utmost attention to detail.


My earrings are not just any ordinary accessory. They are carefully crafted with high-quality materials and designed to make a statement. From dainty studs to bold statement pieces, I have something for every occasion and style.


But what sets me apart is my commitment to sustainability. I believe that my love for the planet should be reflected in everything I do, including my jewellery making. I use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible and strive to minimise my environmental impact.


But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some testimonials from my happy customers:


"Vicky’s earrings are so lightweight & beautifully created. I have around 5 pairs now and can’t wait to get some more. They’re always so delicately packaged which I think is a great touch! X"


"Quirky, fun and sooooo lightweight. I love these pieces. Have lost count of the number of compliments I get from strangers while wearing Pink Lime Mango earrings! They make great presents too and they're thoughtfully and beautifully presented Make PLM your next jewellery purchase."


"I absolutely love this jewellery. The designs and colours are amazing, even the packaging is top quality. The service is speedy too."


I hope that my passion for handmade jewellery and love of earrings shines through in everything I do. I want to spread happiness and confidence through my jewellery and make you feel beautiful every day.


Thank you for being a part of my journey. I couldn’t do it without you. And if you haven’t already, I invite you to join the Pink Lime Mango community by subscribing to my newsletter (see below) and following me on social media. Let’s spread the love of handmade jewellery together!

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