How a Colourful Sculpture Inspired My Earring Design

Have you ever been inspired by an artwork you saw or studied in the past? For me, the answer is yes. When I was studying Art and Visual Culture at The University of the West of England, I came across a colourful sculpture by Beat Zoderer that caught my attention. This sculpture motivated me to create my eye-catching earring design. In this blog post, I will explain how I used Zoderer's sculpture to inspire my earring design and how you can also get inspired by the artworks around you.

Artist influence, Beat Zoderer for Pink Lime Mango earrings


The sculpture that inspired my earring design was a four-metre-high globe made of colourful metal strips painted with acrylic varnish, rivets, strings, and wires. Zoderer's use of colours and textures in his artwork inspired me to explore my creative side and experiment with different materials to create my design. I began by searching for a suitable material that would enable me to bring my idea to life, and I found the perfect material, polymer clay.

 birds eye view of Pink Lime Mango's making process, colourful polymer clay

To begin with, I gathered photocopies of Zoderer's sculpture from Art World magazine August and September edition 2009. I used these to create a mood board that would guide me towards achieving my desired results. I wanted my design to be colourful, bold, and eye-catching, just like Zoderer's sculpture. To achieve this, I used bath bomb moulds to support thin strips of colourful polymer clay. I experimented with different combinations of colours and shapes until I found the perfect design.

bath bomb moulds and colourful polymer clay by Pink Lime Mango colourful strips of polymer clay laid onto a bath bomb mould close up

The process of creating my earring design was not easy, but it was rewarding. I spent hours researching, experimenting, and refining my design until I was satisfied with the final result. My earrings are unique, colourful, and bold, just like Zoderer's sculpture. Every time I wear them, I get compliments from people who appreciate art.

polymer clay strips on bath bombs moulds by Pink Lime Mango colourful strips of polymer clay laid onto a bath bomb mould close up 2

Art is all around us, and we can draw inspiration from it to create something unique and delightful. My artwork might have been inspired by an artwork I saw in a magazine, but the final result was unique and authentic. My earrings are an expression of my creativity and my love for art. I hope my story has inspired you to explore your creative side and create something unique and beautiful.

Pink Lime Mango prototype earrings, model shot

In conclusion, if you want to create something unique and authentic, start by exploring your surroundings, visit museums, attend art exhibitions, or read art magazines. You never know what might inspire you to create something extraordinary. Remember, art is not about replicating what already exists, it's about expressing your creativity and imagination in your unique way.

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