Improvised cutters, tools and texturing!

Tools used by Pink Lime Mango to create polymer clay jewellery

Hi All!

Thank you for all your fabulous support and orders so far! The website launch went well!! I have been overwhelmed by your kind likes, follows, comments on Instagram and Facebook @pinklimemango

So here's a little insight into my resourcefulness. I couldn't afford all of the cutters and depth guides I wanted/needed just yet! (Polly Collective have some great ones!) So I made my some of own cutters out of drinks cans! You can see them on the left hand side of the above photo. They work well...I practiced and made monstera leaf shape earrings! Pretty cool. 

The uno cards are used as depth guides to ensure my slab of clay is at the correct thickness throughout. An equal stack of cards is placed on either side of the slab, so when I roll it stays the same depth. Thanks to Polymer Clay Tutor, Cindy Lietz, for this tip! 

For texturing, I scour the house and find random objects such as screws, nails, cocktail sticks, tepee brushes and the little white thing is a birthday candle holder! It's fun experimenting and seeing the different impressions objects make in polymer clay!

Love Vicky xx

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