My Sister’s Book

I was thinking, it’s ok, there is no blog today because I’m reading my sister’s book called Life’s a Gamble. My sister’s name is Leena Takooree.

Her books just been published on Amazon and I’ve started reading the end credits. And also the chapter on my lucky fin and where she is thanking various members of her family and friends.

(I promise Leena,  I will start from the beginning and read your book in the right order)

I am proud of my sister and I wasn’t feeling well enough to write and edit a blog to publish at 7 am this morning. Then I realised that I wanted to write a blog about how amazing my sister is. I am starting to read her book and I don’t wanna give any spoilers already from just reading the last few chapters and seeing photos, there is a photo of Leena in Montmartre in Paris, and that was when I went on holiday with her in January 2023 and it just struck home. It just made me think of all the times that Leena was in intensive care and we were trying to keep her positive and saying, when you get better, you can travel the world and it’s incredible because there’s a photo of my sister with me in Paris.

I know she’s travelled with work. I know that she’s travelled the world with her friends since she’s recovered from cancer, pneumonia and a stroke in 2006. She was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) at the age of 18. It’s incredible that she’s still with us, she survived.

Every single day she has challenges but I don’t want to call them challenges. She deals with every single day with grace and it was only through reading certain parts of her book that I’m learning, when I ask if you need help I understand why you want to do it yourself so sometimes I don’t ask if you need help, I know that’s awful, but I hesitate, you want to be able to do it yourself, even if it takes ages. I love you sis xx

If you’d like to read my sister’s book here’s a link to buy it here 


💖 My love to those of you affected by cancer.


💚 My heartfelt thanks to MPN Voice (Myeloproliferative Neoplasm = MPN) and Macmillan for your continued support.


🧡 Special thanks to CLIC Sargent for allowing me to give something back by working for you and fundraising for you! They’re now called Young Lives vs Cancer and are a wonderful charity supporting young people, like my sister, through cancer diagnosis and beyond.

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