The Artistry behind Pink Lime Mango's Handmade Earrings

Vicky, the artist behind Pink Lime Mango, creates beautiful and colourful statement earrings that are also suitable for sensitive skin. Using polymer clay, resin, and sterling silver, each pair of earrings is handmade with care in Vicky's home studio in Bristol, UK. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the artistry and process that goes into creating these unique earrings.  


Polymer Clay 

One of the materials Vicky uses to create her earrings is polymer clay. Polymer clay is a type of modelling clay that can be moulded into any shape and then hardened by baking it in an oven. Once it is hardened, polymer clay is extremely durable and can be sanded, drilled, or carved without breaking.  


Vicky first discovered polymer clay as a child. After playing around with the clay and experimenting with assorted colours and techniques, she fell in love with its versatility and bright colours. She began creating earrings and other jewellery pieces as gifts for friends and family members and soon realized she had a real talent for it. In 2020, she decided to turn her hobby into a business and Pink Lime Mango was born!  



In addition to polymer clay, Vicky also uses resin to create her earrings. Resin is a liquid plastic that can be poured into moulds of any shape or size. Once it hardens, resin is extraordinarily strong and clear—perfect for creating jewellery pieces like earrings.  


Vicky loves working with resin because it allows her to be highly creative with her designs. She often mixes distinct colours of resin together to create one-of-a-kind marbled earrings or incorporates glitter for a little extra sparkle. No two pairs of earrings are ever exactly alike!  


Sterling Silver  

The final material Vicky uses to create her earrings is sterling silver. Sterling silver is a type of precious metal that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals. It is often used in jewellery because it is so shiny and looks very elegant.  

When Vicky first started out making jewellery, she only worked with sterling silver, silver plated and stainless-steel findings. However, she quickly realized that some people were sensitive even to 925 sterling silver, so she decided to start researching niobium and titanium metals into her designs as well. This way, everyone could enjoy her beautiful earrings—no matter their skin type!  


Each pair of Pink Lime Mango earrings is truly a work of art. From the vibrant colours of the polymer clay to the sparkling glitter incorporated into the resin designs, there is so much attention to detail in each piece. And because they are made with sterling silver as well, anyone can enjoy them—even those with sensitive skin! If you are looking for a statement piece of jewellery that's truly one-of-a-kind, Pink Lime Mango is the brand for you. 

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