Where am I Now? Reflecting on Two Years of Running My Handcrafted Jewellery Business | Pink Lime Mango

When I started my jewellery business in 2020 my design ideas for polymer clay earrings came from following tutorials. Now I am developing my own skills and confidence. I make earrings according to designs I like the form of, for example, the Handmaids Tale bonnet wings.


Technically, I am better with polymer clay, but I am also learning how to work with sterling silver and can improve that. I have learnt how to make silicone moulds, how to make resin earrings and how to laser cut acrylic shapes. Wow that is quite a lot!


Also, I overlooked this but when I started, I hardly posted to Facebook and Instagram. What was the point of me having those accounts? Using Instagram was time-consuming at the beginning. I had to learn how to use it. It is still time consuming. I taught myself how to use a lot of platforms and a lot of apps. I cannot even quantify it because there a huge amount. So, this is what my brother-in-law was talking about when he said I have been learning stuff for two years and that is something I can charge for, by creating e-books.


I cannot quite get my head around it, but people might pay for what I know because then it saves them time from having to learn it themselves. It is quicker to pay someone to do the job for you or provide instructions on how to set up a shop. 


What have I learned in terms of financial aspects - how to do things like income and expenditure. I have almost learnt how to do a tax return, but I got help with that. I have learnt that I can price my products. I have learnt wholesale pricing. I have learnt how to sell to a shop and how to make an invoice.


Personally, when I started my business, I doubted that I had the capability to do it.  I overthink things and procrastinate. I find it hard to make decisions. I do not like taking risks. I love being my own boss. I do not want to work for anyone else again. I want to provide for my family, and I want to have a good lifestyle.


I want good health care for me and my family. I have learnt that is now a possibility rather than being an impossibility.   


I have learnt that I can motivate myself. I have learnt that I can manage my own time. I am good at planning and organising. I love learning. I love researching.




Also, I have learnt that I need to hold back on doing so many workshops there is only so much information I can retain or even action. I have learnt to prioritise. I have learnt I need to rest a lot. I have also learnt that I could do with another person to help me, but it would be like a multifunctional job in that they would do a little bit of everything, like me. Maybe something for the future to think about but I guess a lot of small business owners will have their reservations about employing someone else, but I think it is quite a normal thing to employ someone part time to do bits and bobs. 

I have learnt that I cannot do everything. I have learnt that I have to do some things badly. I have learnt that I am a perfectionist. I have heard myself tell my son to do 80% of a thing even though you want to do hundred percent. I have learnt that I do not listen to my own advice!


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